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3 class lightning

$ 249.11

CCD Pan/Tilt/Zoom
High Speed
Dome Camera
Indoor Security

$ 196.56

   MTV2.8 mm F2.0 for
Camera Security
Camera Lens
Single Trigger Lens

$ 8.69

1/4'' Sony FCB-EX980SP
Color CCD
80 million pixels
Prevent Shake

$ 562.69

O series
Intelligent Low Speed Dome

$ 140.99


Camera Tips

1.What is the electronic monitoring device?
2.What are the electronic monitor?
3.What are the benefits of electronic monitoring devices?

1.What is the electronic monitoring device?
Electronic monitoring device is the use of convex imaging theory ---- the object distance is greater than 2 times the focal length into a handstand, reduced real image.

2.What are the electronic monitor?
A bolt \ ball machine \ bare metal, etc.
Divided by end-use is divided into:
1. industrial or civil, against evidence by.
2. Hidden in; for evidence, can also be photographed.

3.What are the benefits of electronic monitoring devices?
Advantages: 1. Real-time on each door for high-definition video surveillance.
2. points can record video with video to prepare for security check.
3. effectively guarantee the safety of standard operating production site.
4. study materials to go out and work discipline.
5. Real-time monitoring the transfer of materials in all cases the gate.
6. adjust the lens focal length can be clearly observed the details of vehicular access.
7. in the evening when the staff of the gate in place to monitor the situation.
8. staff at any time examine the actual production of labor discipline.


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